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Whether amateur or a gliding expert, the skies of Achaia are offered for gliders. If you are interested in an acquaintance with the county from a high altitude, you have plenty of paraglide positions to choose. Paragliding Club of Patras was founded in 1990 and today has over 100 members. It is a member of the Greek Air Sports Federation and is overviewed by the General Secretariat of Sports (tel. 2610 621 494). In collaboration with the Club, we have identified the following gliding sites.

We suggest:
SANTAMERI. It is 6 km long mountain with ideal gliding conditions from May to October, and thermal updrafts in conjunction with the prevailing breeze from the valley. Indicative of the favorable conditions is the organization of races for the championship every year. Indeed a gliding record (over 40 km straight) has been recorded at Santameri. The height difference of takeoff and landing is 280 meters. Since 1999 Air-naval Santameri Centre (tel: 6977 674 080) operates, providing flights for beginners and advanced. Santameri located 35 km from Patras.
SKIADAS. With a takeoff height of 800 meters and 58 km from Patras, Skiadovouni mountain is ideal for gliding from May to October, thanks to the thermal updrafts prevailing in the region. Skiadovouni is ideal for flying long distances, with a record of more than 50 km. Thus, at Skiadovouni Greek championship races are organized.
OMPLOS. The take off area of Omplos is at an altitude of 720m. The coordinates are UTM 34S N x: 567174, y: 4225951 and there are southwest - west and northwest winds almost all year round! It is 10km away from the sea and just 15 minutes from Patras. Road access is a very good and 90% of the road is asphalt. The takeoff area is covered with fine gravel and also there is a kiosk the athletes to relax. The pilot has a view over the city of Patras, Patras Gulf and Rio – Antirio bridge. When the atmosphere is clear, the pilot can see Mesologgi, Araxos and Kefalonia.
PANACHAIKO. With favorable conditions for gliding due to the thermal updrafts carried out from May until October. The mountain is located 10 km from Patras and offers a flight height of 800 meters.

GIANNISKARI. Perfect for flights over the sea, Gianniskari is located at Cape Araxos, about 30 km from Patras and offers a height of flight of about 100 meters. Takeoffs are performed one kilometer from the beach. Thermal updrafts carried out between May and October in conjunction with sea breezes, provide ideal conditions for a flight with a sea view.

ERYMANTHOS. It lies about 45 km from Patras and is located at point Alonia of Kalentzi. The height of flight is about 950 meters. Ideal time for gliding is from May to October.
KALAVRYTA. Takeoffs are performed at the Ski Center, at the antenna stations, with direction to the Lousous valley or towards Kalavrita and the memorial.