Lake Ladonas

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ladonas.jpgSouthwest of Daphni , artificial Lake Ladon is suited. This is a lake unexpectedly found within the lush mountain tops, reflecting on its water surface. Ideal for swimming, fishing and gathering. The Marine Sports Club of Daphni, uses both the lake Ladon as well as the river for kayaking, rafting and boating.

The lake can be reached from Tropaia or Daphni of Achaia. The journey is exciting and on the way you will find lovely views of the lake and dam.

The road to the dam follows two directions. On the left is the river Ladon, leading to the villages Vachlia, Kondovazena and Voutsis, the right runs along the north shore of the lake and leads to the village of Mouria and from there to Daphni and the road "111". Both tracks are interesting. Ladon River flows out of an exceptionally beautiful location, near the village Likouria, north of the lake, the road Kleitoria.

Many areas around the river are suitable for hiking, biking and hunting. Indeed in some parts of the river wild hoags may be found.


Visits are organised by groups of alternative tourism as well as by individuals. ladonas lake is ideal for rowing, windsurfing, fishing, swimming and boating. A good starting point for hiking and other activities of alternative tourism is Daphne Achaia. Just 5 km from the village in a beautiful location on the banks of the river, are organized alternative tourism facilities including archery, mountain biking, rowing, canoeing and kayaking.

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