Water of Styx

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idatastigos.jpgOn the rugged and majestic crown Neraidorrachi of mountain Helmos at an altitude of 2,100 meters, is the Water of Styx. The water forms an impressive waterfall at a height of 200 meters that invades the bed of the river Krathis. Mythology grabbed a pencil and paper and forgot to stop writing. The Ancient Greeks believed that the waters of the Styx guarded Hades and terrorized gods and mortals swear lies.

In the waters of Styx all gods, even god Helios would swear. It was the greatest oath of the gods and the place where they executed their sentences when they were punished. The name brought fear to gods and humans. It was said that no living being would survive if he drank from this water. Glass, crystals, ceramic vase broke when immersed in it.


Even materials like silver and gold, amber. Only the horses' hooves could stand, so the gods would drink cups in the horse's hoof.
Psychi (Soul) searching to find her partner, Eros, was forced from Afrodite to carry water from the Styx.
Achilles became immortal since his mother Thetis, plunged him into the waters of Styx except his ankle. There, later in the plains of Troy, Paris found his opportunity to hit him with his arrow and kill him.
Many ancient historians and writters are mentioning Styx, like Hesiod, Homer, Herodotus, the traveller Pausanias, who states that Alexander was poisoned with Stygian Water, while his sisters rather more intelligent, had a bath with this water and become immortal. "Mavroneri" Styx until a few years ago, inspired terror to superstitious natives.
The journey is adventurous and exciting, with an initial starting point at the village of Peristeri, passing the junction for the ski resort of Kalavryta and entering Ano Mesorougi, after a 4.5 km road journey hiking starts, through a steep path between beauty pine and fir trees until the base of the waterfall, at the holy waters of the Styx.

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