Vine of Pausanias

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pausania.jpgOn the road of Kleitoria-Tripoli, 10 km from Kleitoria, there is the vine of Pausanias with three oversized blooms, climbing on old oaks, next to the old church of St. Nicholas.

Pausanias considered this as a "strange phenomenon" and included it in "Arcadia", but the people had an appetite for an even closer relationship with the vine at village Pangrati. Thus, the tradition "wants" Pausanias to plant the vine with his own hands.


The vine is also included in various myths with most prominentthe one with Hercules, who chased the Ceryneian Doe until it reached the vine where its long hair where trapped and the deer was arrested. Hence the name of the place ”Kynigari”(from the greek word of hunting). It is assumed that the age of the vine according to the myth should exceed 3000 years. The Vine is declared a monument of nature hunging on stone walls and covering a vast area in the courtyard of the Church of St. Nicholas.