Rock of Evrostina and Forest of Perithori - Zarouchla

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zarouxla.jpgRock of Evrostina
The rock is part of Mount Evrostina separating the prefectures of Achaia and Corinthos. Beneath the rock, the stream that watered the ancient city of Aigeira, passes. Its height is over 500m.

Perithori - Zarouchla Forest cyclamen.gif
The forest is complementary with the forest of Zarouchla and is the largest of Achaia. It has black pine, fir and chestnut trees. The forest begins to Seliana and spreads to Sarantapicho, Perithori, Tarso, Zarouchla and Agia Varvara.

How to get there
Only by private car as there is no bus service from Akrata to Zarouchla.
Athens (Daphni) - Akrata 138 km Akrata - Lake Tsivlou 27.5 km Akrata -Zarouchla 35km.