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All months of the year are a fascinating experience for visitors and the scenery of beautiful physical characteristics and ideal climatic conditions, creates an opportunity to visit whatever the season is.

Thanks to the emotions caused by the wild, unexpected beauty of the scenery, the area has been associated with many myths. The most famous and glorious concerns the waters of Styx sourcing from Helmos until today. The water was fatal, but whoever was able to dive into it would become immortal. At river Ladonas, Hercules grabbed the Ceryneian Deer and fullfilled one of his achievements. In the beautiful cave of Kastria the daughters of the king of Tiryntha, found refuge when due to their arrogance they were punished by the gods with madness.
Centuries have passed and people stopped believing in ancient myths. However, the place has not lost its mystical dimension, and it continues to trigger the imagination. Imagine fairies and demons, dragons and spirits to dominate the mountain and its rich waters. Fairies love to dance in the air and if someone meets them they will terrify him. But if a brave man keeps his temper in front of a fairy, then they will not hurt him. If evenmore he manages to pull her veil, she will follow him and become his wife.