Kalavrita cultural events

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festival.jpgThe Cultural Development Enerprise and Quality of Life (DEPAPOZ) of Kalavrita has many cultural activities to present, including the Philharmonic of Kalavrita, guitar music classes, piano, choir, dance classes and rhythmic gymnastics classes. The events include the Cultural August (with concerts, theatrical performances etc.), the Vouraikos Pass on May, and the local festivals.

Cultural August, is organized annually by DEPAPOZ, and includes performances of concerts, theatrical parts and dances, while of great importance are the rest events throughout the year such as the Firts Year Day, the Monday of Carnival and sport events. 

Moreover, DEPAPOZ organizes on yearly basis the International Seminar of Wind Musical Instruments with the participation of musicians from all around the world, performing at the recitals, the exhibitions and various other happenings.
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Also important, are the cultural activities an contributions of the cultural society of the region and institutions like SOXAK, that organize in cooperation with the municipality and other entities, the Vouraikos Pass, the SEPOKE that organizes frequent chess games, and the theatrical club PANOS MICHOS that organizes theatrical performances.

Also, every year on the 21st of March, there is a revival of 1821 revolution, at the city center with the representation of the conquest of the city and the arrest of a Turkish commander Arnaoutoglou and on the 25th of March at the historical monastery of Agia Lavra in front of historical Church.

Other anniversary events of the city, are the memorial service for the victims of the bombing of villages Trechlo - Lapata - Manesi on July 29th, 1943, the celebration of October 28th, the memorials for the executed on December 8, 1943 at the villages Rogoi, Kerpini lower Zachlorou, and the commemoration of the Holocaust on 13 December 1943.

On March 17th the memory of the patron of Kalavrita, Saint Alexios, is celebrated, and on September 8th the celebration of Panagia Plataniotissa. Finally, every year on September 21st there is a great fair organized.

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