Cultural Events of Chalandritsa and Leontio

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attractions_event_2.jpgAgricultural life and tradition of Achaia, is not hosted only in folklore museums and fairs, but it is also exposed during the unique county Agricultural Machinery Exhibition, held in late August for a weekend at Halandritsa.

The agricultural population can be informed through the exhibition about agricultural machinery and developments in agricultural technology, while with the parallel event "Exhibition of Traditional Farming Tools" the contrast between yesterday and today, is depicted. Also, an exhibition of traditional occupations with a booth to promote the activities of the cultural department of local cultural associations and bodies of the region also stand to display the "professionals of the region" and highlight local production.

Large feasts to honor Prophitis Elias (July 20) at Farrai and St. Nicholas (May 10) at Laccomata and Agrilia are held.

At Leontios there is talk about the "footprints" of the Saint Andreas, where the Apostle Andreas was arrested by the Romans, while at the chapel there is a shrine with his left leg print, left when he lost his sandals during his flight. Another tradition refers to the "ghost" in Vragiannika, where the lair of the thief Variannis was.