Nautical Week

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1o.jpgEvery second year, at the end of June and beginning of July, there is a series of cultural happenings entitled Nautical Week that take place in Patra, at open theatres, with subjects that refer to the sea and its effect on the lives of the citizens and travellers. There are also sardine celebrations!

The Nautical Week is being celebrated since 1933, with its roots being entirely Greek, stemming from antiquity when coastal areas used to celebrate the “Dolphins”, the “Pliothesio”, the “Kivernisia” as well as the “Posidonia”. The events that take place during the Nautical Week, encompass among others, painting exhibitions, demonstration of life-saving techniques, sailing races, non swimming rescue, self rescue techniques, life saving with rescue boat, water-polo games, musical events, public visits to warships etc.