Cultural Events of Akrata

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The "Cultural Summer" and "Akrata Carnival" with the game of "Hidden treasure", ar the most important institutions, revived every year at Akrata, while the Institute of Manos Hatzidakis - Nikos Gatsos contributes significantly to the cultural life of the region with events and other activities.

The "Cultural Summer" is an institution that was originally initiated by "Anagennisi" society of Akrata. Then it was embraced by the city through the Cultural Institute of the city. In cooperation with cultural associations and institutions, the events take place in every corner of the municipality.
The events held each year having as basis Akrata, but all the surrounding areas also participate, and concern theater, book reviews, lectures, debates, exhibitions, paintings and folk art. Even music and dance performances, concerts, sporting events, etc.
The events take place in the building of Anagennisi association, at beach of Krathis, at Platanos and the premises of schools. 

karnavali_akrata_big.jpgAkrata Carnival began in 1997 with an original and spectacular carnival - inspiration of a group of locals, and then it was embraced by Anagennisi association. Besides the usual parade and the torch relay, the event culminates with the game "Hunting of the hidden treasure" taht includes questions, quizzes and contestsfor theparticipating groups of children.

The Cultural Foundation Manos Hatzidakis - Nikos Gatsos of Akrata, organises nation-wide events and activities. The Foundation is housed in a beautiful neoclassical building.