Cultural events of Aigio

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anthestiria.jpgOne of the most important cultural events of the county is the "Flower Festival" at the city of Aigio, which revived after many years and is a hymn to nature every May and also the event of "Elikeia". 

The "Flower Festival" traditional feast of flowers, characteristic of the cultural journey of Aigio since 1927. It is a festival anthem to flowers, nature and love, tied in harmony with the beauty of the area being a unique original spectacle.
The Flower Festival is the oldest celebration in the town and unique in Greece (along with a few in Europe with the same theme). It is a tradition that dates back in years in old Vostitsa, with its beautiful gardens and was interrupted only during the period between the wars and dictatorship. A celebration with purely local and particular character, mobilizes the whole city in feverish preparations for decorating it. Roads, windows and balconies of houses "dress up" with flowers, creating a feast of colors for the city surprising all visitors.
The most chearfull moment of the events was the Parade of Floral Tanks. Hundreds of themes from mythology and the history of our country, come alive in the eyes of the viewer through the colors and combinations of flowers with great enthusiasm.
Today, the Flower Festival is still the most traditional and top cultural event of our city, retaining the privilege of uniqueness. Each year in May, the city gets the color of flowers in a three-day folk festival in addition to the Floral parade (with natural flowers). It includes theatrical performances on the rebirth of nature, musical strolls around the streets, painting competitions and exhibitions of floral, music, dance events and competitions on the best ornament of balconies. 

elikia_2009_pro.jpgAt the end of July on August 20, visitors can attend cultural events that cover a wide range of acts, from drama to music and dance nights, at the "Elikeia", which got its name from ancient city Eliki that now it is said to be underwater .


Finally, Aigio celebrates Zoodocho Pigi (fountain of life) at monastery Panagia Tripiti. The celebration is held on every Easter Friday with solemnity. There is a procession of the Sacred Image with the participation of clergy and citizens.