Municipal and Regional Theatre of Patra

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theater.jpgThe Municipal and Regional Theatre of Patra was founded in 1988. The Theatre has already completed a twenty-year cycle of creative presence in the territory of Greek regions and the area of contemporary drama. 

It is a theatre organization having a Panhellenic reach which produces original artistic work and has shown a manifold activity with specific objectives and directions such as:
1. A selected repertoire of significant classic and modern plays by Greek and foreign authors
2. substantial intervention in the area of dramatic education
3. exchanges and co-productions with other Hellenic and European Organizations
4. commissions of new plays
5. translations of ancient dramas or foreign plays.

An additional fundamental goal of the Theatre is the activation of the local cultural potential, the raising of awareness among youth people and the implementation of programs for special social groups.

The Municipal and Regional Theatre of Patras has been collaborating with key theatre entities such as the Hellenic Festival, the University of Patras, and the Patras Cultural Capital of Europe 2006.
The Municipal and Regional Theatre of Patras enjoys the full acceptance of Patras’ audience and of the rest of Greece as well including the mass media that promote theatre as one of the most important institutions playing a crucial role for the cultural development of Greece’s regions and the development of drama in general.

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