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Achaia preserves its traditions and customs in a way that resists time. The quaint cafes in its villages, with their constant customers who exchange views and play traditional board games such as card games and backgammon, the keeping of old celebration customs such as "Koulouma", the outdoor events, the celebration of Christmas, Easter and other religious days, the singing of carols by older and younger generations, as well as the human relationships and principles of fellowship and concern for the neighbor, and the hospitality of the people, all show that here the codes of honor and humanity are still being kept and new customs can hardly alter them.
Legend in Achaia became tradition and tradition found its way to the present through memory events, fests and celebrations of happiness called fests by some or festivals by others.
The melancholy at the mountainous part of Achaia gives way to unrestrainable joy and the modern art, to the impulsive celebrations of the past that refer to customs and traditions, habits and unbreakable bonds of life.
Dionysus, the smiling god of ancient times, a symbol of incompatibility and fun, the god of wine and celebration, is the one who gave Achaia, and especially Patra, a reason to stand out every winter.