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faros2.jpgFranks, Venetians, Romans, Byzantines, all "contributed" in the creation of the historical and architectural profile of Patras. The ancient Odeon "most valuable throughout Greece after Irodio Odeon" according to Pausanias, the Castle, the old Church of St. Andrew (1836 - 1843) testify the passing of centuries over the capital of Achaia.  

The buildings that raise interest are in the center of Patras, the modern neoclassic buildings and arcades, with which the city was decorated in late 19th century and witness the prosperity of the city in that time. Ernest Ziller designed agiou_nikolaou.pngthe neoclassical buildings that can be found in King George Square (central city) as the Municipal Theatre "Apollo" (1871) and the building of Commercial Association. Almost all the central streets of Patras, and the Upper Town is full of two-storey buildings (with paintings on the ceiling , frescoes and antefixes) as well as arcades and staircases. Of special architectural interest is the Catholic church of St Andrew and the Anglican church of Patras.

Specifically, the buildings of the city that one must visit are: