Towers and tower-houses

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pyrgos zarouxlas.gifA distinctive and admirable kind of traditional architecture, which reflects the need for defense during a very turbulent era of the period 1770 - 1830, are the towers and the tower-houses, projects of Varvarita builders. They have three floors and defensive use is evident with battlements and ramparts.

zematistra.gifIn most cases, a central tall building is the core fortress, surrounded by smaller ancillary buildings. Typical examples are found in Soudena, Solo, Agia Varvara, Zarouchla, Kertezi, Kerpini, the home of the Pasha of Vrostena and Paleologinas Palace at Kalavrita.

pyrgos_petmeza.jpgThey are buildings with widespread fortification, whose purpose was to protect elders and freedom fighters from all kinds of periods. At old Soudena (now called Kato Lousoi) of Kalavrita municipality, the tower of the historic family Petmeza is found, combining the tradition of Byzantine and Venetian castle with the need for a comfortable home. Also in Kertezi of Kalavrita there is the tower of Hasapopoulos and at Kerpini many great chateaus and of the famous Zaimi family.

pyrgos zaimi.jpgAt village Solo (of Nonakridas), in Akrata municipality, there is the tower of Solioti and in the same area in Agia Varvara the towers of Theoharopoulos (historical monument) and Argyriadi. At village Zarouchla, once there were 14 towers of which only two still remain in good condition (those of families Fotila and Charalampi) and another one in a dilapidated state that belonged to Papadimitropoulos family. In Alepoxori of Tritaia at the fortified position named "Tsalamidaiika, there is in a good condition, the huge, three-storey tower of Tsalamidas, which stands imposingly in the village. At Dafni there is the Spilieikos tower of 1821 chieftain Spiliopoulos. Finally, the visitor will encounter fortified tower houses in Sopoto, in Agridia, in Nasia in Vlassia and elsewhere.

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